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Jumbo Square - Terra Cotta

Jumbo Square - Terra Cotta
Price: $172.19
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Model: Jumbo Sqaure
SKU: 6915125
Size (W x H): 5.25000000 x 5.25000000
Volume: 56.8 fl. oz.
Metric: 1.68 liter
Case Quantity: 200
Case Weight: 31 lbs
Minimum Order: 1 case
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Jumbo Square - Terra Cotta Jumbo Square - Terra Cotta Jumbo Square - Terra Cotta

Jumbo Square – the original square with almost twice the volume as a traditional quart container.  Wide base, easy-to-grip rim and sturdy build, the Belden Jumbo Squares, designed to sit rim to rim in the Belden 1020 web flat or singly on retail display keep your growing container and plants standing up to wind and weather throughout the growing season and on the garden retailer’s shelf. 


  • 5 ¼ inches wide x 5 ¼ inches deep
  • 8 Belden Jumbo Squares fit securely and efficiently into the Belden 1020 Web Flat – heavy weight or Belden 1020 Web Flat – light weight.
  • Tag lock system to secure plant tags during production to ensure that important plant and cultural information of plants is available for garden retailers and consumers.
  • Bi-level drainage holes to allow the container to drain consistently ensuring healthier root and plants development, fewer plants lost during growing and on the retail garden center shelf and the potential for better success for home gardeners.
  • Belden’s line of Square Growing Containers is comprised of the highest quality 100 % post industrial recycled raw material!